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Dr Alexander Hutchison

“Dr. Hutchison, a prominent figure at the forefront of discussions surrounding doping in sports offering a thought-provoking reassessment.”


About Me

Dr. Alexander Hutchison, a prominent figure in fitness and wellness based in Dallas, Texas, stands at the forefront of discussions surrounding doping in sports with the release of his third book, "In Defense of Doping: Reassessing the Level Playing Field."

“Dr Hutchison’s book is an important resource for all those who are brave enough to question the validity of drug testing in today’s day and age.” Dr Aron D'Souza - President of the Enhanced Games

Through this groundbreaking work, Dr. Hutchison offers a thought-provoking reassessment of conventional notions surrounding performance enhancement in athletics.

His distinguished academic background includes serving as the Editor-in-Chief for the esteemed Journal of Cellular Physiology, where he continues to shape scholarly discourse on exercise science, nutrition, and immunology. In addition to key note speaking at events such as the National Strength & Conditioning Association conference.

Hutchison's athletic journey is equally impressive, from his collegiate swimming career to his success as a coach, guiding athletes to triumph in Ironman triathlons and prestigious marathons like the Boston Marathon.

Drawing upon his firsthand experiences and scholarly insights, Dr. Hutchison can delve into the historical precedents and contemporary realities of performance enhancement, challenging prevailing narratives and advocating for a nuanced understanding of the ethical implications at play.

Dr. Alexander Hutchison brings his expertise to the forefront in discussions on the ethics of doping in sports. Through his work, he continues to push the boundaries of conventional discourse, offering fresh perspectives and insights that resonate deeply with athletes, scholars, and enthusiasts alike.

He can speak to the following topics:

  • The reason there needs to be a far more holistic approach to performance enhancement in sport and defining more clearly the parameters.
  • Why test sensitivity & contamination needs to be acknowledged more acutely - Positive results can be obtained through food, drink, prescribed drugs & even sexual activity.
  • Cannabis or Can’tabis - Tone deaf bans & disqualification based on inaccurately claimed competitive advantages of drugs such as Cannabis.
  • Why PEDs should be used for athletes to speed up recovery and prevent injuries.

Dr Hutchison looks forward to sharing his knowledge and views on why there needs to be more change within the industry.

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Profile artwork for Dr Alexander Hutchison
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