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Dr. Adena Pharmacist

“My Mission is to Change Lives Through the Power of Love & Understanding Drugs.”


About Me

I have been a pharmacist for over 20 years & recently a parent volunteer coach for I help people who have a family member or friend that’s misusing substances understand the drugs they are misusing, see the latest studies on new treatments for Substance Use Disorder, reduce harm, & to cultivate a better relationship in hopes that their loved one will someday be ready to change. I do this so Families can feel empowered and hopeful to reconnect & get their loved one back while at the same time taking care of themselves and having a more joyful, hope filled life. I research other countries & the US for new methods & solutions for Substance Use Disorder. Living with someone who has Substance Use Disorder can be difficult for all involved including the individual struggling with this condition. How can you all find Joy throughout these times. I will tell you how we found Joy even during the hardest times.Spirituality played a big role in the change of my perception in how to approach Life, Mental Illness & Substance Use Disorder.I follow Jesus Christ. I feel lead to share my Testimony that brought me to feel the Love of Christ for all of humanity with others, specifically with the churches, ie. those who follow Jesus. I feel lead to share my witnessing the power of prayer bring back my loved one who has substance use disorder to our Family. I am to share how I was able to find him three times with the leading of God when he had run away so he could not be found. I felt God spoke to me and showed me his location and I found him within 15 minutes of following the leading of God and with the prayer of others.I have been anointed by a Pastor as a Missionary and Healer based upon the leading of the Lord. I feel called to step on multiple platforms and on stage to let the people know about the Lords love for all of humanity and his power to save lives, bring joy, peace and hope no matter how hopeless the situation is.

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Profile artwork for Dr. Adena Pharmacist
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