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Doug Stebleton

“New Book Series The Hollywood Time Travel Series. In Ent industry 4 many yrs Music pub, Film & tv prod, screenwriting, authors of new novel.”


About Me

My name is Doug Stebleton and i have been working in the entertainment industry in Los Angels for the last 34 years in the area of music publishing for film and tv and as a film and tv producer for the last 15 years. I recently created a new book series titled The Hollywood Time Travel Series. The first book comes out October 27, 2021. It is called It's A Wonderful Time. The best way to describe the first book is Back To The Future meets Midnight in Paris on the Set of It's A Wonderful Life.

I co wrote the book with my business partner in the series, Reinhard Denke. Reinhard has been working in the Entertainment industry for the last 27 years as a screen writer and film producer.

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Profile artwork for Doug Stebleton
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