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“I am a professional civil and environmental engineer with a master's degree in water resources engineering. I live for water and the world.”


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My name is DJ; I live for the wellbeing of young and future generations to come. That is the main reason I am so passionate about the health of the environment. 

My podcast is Environmentally Concerned Nation. The goal is to cover all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. For particular and personal reasons, I am dedicated and devoted to the water world. 

See, every landscape that is not man maid has been shaped by water in one form or another. I also believe that "water wars" or water conflicts will only increase in numbers proportionally to developing countries' demand and needs. The need for water will not only increase conflicts but a vast array of opportunities.

Colossal water projects are essential, but the fact that the building of a dam or extensive reservoirs carries more environmental impacts than any other type of engineering project you can think of is also true.

For those reasons and many others that we will objectively discuss, the growth and need of Low Impact Development (LIDS) techniques must grow along with the demand. These green engineering principles' objective is to mimic the natural hydrologic cycle as much as objectively feasible. 

For far too long, we have "successfully" managed water at our convenience. Grey engineering is easy, convenient, and highly profitable. Pouring concrete in every direction is the contractor's best friend. Ironically enough, you may find these practices' environmentally devastating results in the most buoyant economies in the world, like the saltwater intrusion in LA, California, and Australia.

We must take these green engineering principles used extensively only in wealthy urban areas of fully developed countries and apply them everywhere we can.

I am an affiliate marketer. You can indeed find much more about me at Land & Watersheds. I am also a mountain biker and a funny guy. If you want a serious talk, I am here for you. If you're going to have some fun, I am also available at any time. But, my true expertise is in the water resources and hydrology field and land development to put things in perspective.

Catch you later,


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Profile artwork for DJ VAGNETTI
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