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D.J. Eshelman

“I went from no electricity or running water as a kid to a million-dollar IT Consultant. Now I share what I've learned!”


About Me

I spent the first 10 years of my life as a normal suburban kid, until my parents moved us to the middle of nowhere, Colorado. We had no running water or electricity. For someone that has made more than a million dollars as an IT Consultant, most are shocked!

My mission now? Leave the World Better Than You Found It

Tech Audiences

For 2020, my primary focus professionally comes from me realizing that being an IT Consultant was my Zone of Excellence, not my Zone of Genius. The people (psychographic) I love to serve are those willing to invest in themselves to be better people and better professionals. In the IT world – I have found there is a lot of focus on tech skills, but little on soft skills. We tell stories all the time – but rarely the ones that matter.

I set out to change that in 2020 by publishing two books (during COVID, yes)- primary of which is my current book, Just Do THIS: A Simpler Way to Succeed in IT which describes my services methodology and how to use it – documentation, presentation, dealing with others, and more.

I founded to expand this platform with our YouTube channel (soon to be podcast as well) to focus on four key areas which all make for great conversations:

  • Mindset
  • Methodology
  • Mentoring
  • Mastery


In 2019 I began coaching new entrepreneurs and found that I really enjoy it!

Here’s some ideas that have resonated on other podcasts and presentations:

  • How I made a pivot from Cubicle to Consultant, then to Coach and knowledge-based entrepreneur
  • How I use 5 C’s for diversity in my business: Content, Courses, Community, Coaching, & Consulting
  • Why Mindset is the single biggest reason the digital entrepreneur fails
  • Why I reject the “Starving Artist” mentality
  • Why I published two books in the middle of a pandemic
  • Why the successful invest 30% of their income back into themselves

General Audiences

I love to serve. The Better Than You Found It podcast network was made for this purpose, and I love helping others with their podcasts. Most people are attracted to the above story – but there are some big takeaways that I try to leave people with:

  • To Leave this World Better than You Found it takes action, not activism. This means taking personal responsibility and not expecting anything from others with the full faith that it is that example in action that changes hearts and minds, not guilt and legislation.
  • Focus on small things. Little changes, encouragements, sacrifices, etc all change the most important thing about the world: YOU. When people try to take on too big of changes without first focusing on these small things, they become overwhelmed or discouraged which leads me to my second takeaway.
  • You will not rise to the occasion. You will only rise to your level of preparedness. We have this romantic notion that we are ‘overcomers’ and that we will somehow tap into this unused well of motivation and readiness to get thru adversity. I learned the hard way that much like a muscle, we must grow into harder and harder challenges to face them.
  • Embracing Discomfort is the key to lasting growth. While we know this, our tendency is toward comfort – see all of the above as to a clue why that doesn’t work.
  • Judge less and say “far out” more. One thing I took from my ‘hippie’ parents, a laid back attitude can be something that you are known for… without becoming lazy. (by the way, this is what makes me an effective coach)

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