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Didi Wong

“Didi Wong is an award-winning international speaker, business mentor, TV producer, serial entrepreneur, angel investor & a mother of 4.”


About Me

Born in Hong Kong, raised in England and now residing in Los Angeles, Didi Wong is a multi- award winning international speaker, business mentor, TV producer, serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a mother of four under the age of nine, including a set of identical twin girls.


Didi is the Founder and CEO of The Yes Academy, a results and success driven educational program for entrepreneurs, focusing on confidence, connections and cash flow. She is the Executive Producer alongside Larry King, of a television show called "In Case You Didn't Know with Nick Nantion" on Amazon Prime Video. She is also the Producer and Star in a conscious docu- series called "Awakening Giants," where entrepreneurs are stretched to their limits in personal transformation, directed by seven-time Emmy Award winning producer Evan Weinstein of "The Amazing Race."


She is featured as a "Woman Who Means Business" in the March 2020 issue of Oprah Magazine and she will appear in Season Two of "SpeakUp," a TV show in its second season on Amazon Prime Video. 


Didi's multiple civic and philanthropic affiliations include being on the Parent Council at Cedars Sinai Hospital’s Obstetrics Patient and Family Care Council. She is the Head of the Women's Economic Forum, Los Angeles Chapter as well as a Board Advisor of Destine 4 Greatness Corporation where the Long Beach and LAUSD are inspired and educated as Didi speaks and helps grow awareness. Didi is a judge on the #1 digital record-breaking business show "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch" and she is also the lead in the feature film documentary "Impact" about her life as a public speaker, due to be released in late 2020. 


She is a best selling author of "Success Breakthroughs" coauthored with Jack Canfield. She has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, Bravo and Fox. She was recently featured as a top entrepreneur in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Didi is the recipient of the highest level award of “Women of the Decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital” from the Women Economic Forum. She has also been honored to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative at the United Nations, New York City. Late 2018, she was given the Certificate of Recognition by the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for helping women entrepreneurs succeed. 


Her super powers lie in the fact that she manages her four children and all her projects, always with a smile on her face. 


"Didi's positive energy and optimism is contagious. She is both fiercely independent and driven, yet social and spirited." 

                            - Oprah Magazine 2020

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Profile artwork for Didi Wong
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