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Diana Curtis

“Helping women transform their deepest pain into their greatest growth.”


About Me

Diana is the Host of the “Growing Through Grief” Podcast. She is a sought after Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and Ordained Minister.

Diana has a history of great successes in her work after healing her own crippling pain of grief caused by the loss of her Mother and Brother. 

After spending many decades serving with the nation’s leading public health agency as a Public Health Advisor, Diana began 

to expand her work as a Grief Recovery Specialist.

She turned her pain into purpose; and, became the Founder of Coaching to the Heart, LLC, a coaching practice where she helps individuals who are struggling with grief after the loss of a loved one.

She specializes in working with women to create a sacred pathway for a return to a “heart full of grace and self-love”.

Diana is the Creator of several courses, including the “Growing Through Grief System” - Holistic Pathway to Healing Grief and Trauma”, a full curriculum that leads women through a sacred process of releasing their deepest pain and confusion; and, turn it into their greatest growth and fulfillment.

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Profile artwork for Diana Curtis
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