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Dennis Littley

“My culinary journey has taken me around the world and taught me in order to succeed you must be willing to adapt. Let me share my stories.”


About Me

Food & Travel Blogger, Chef, Speaker, Content Creator and Digital Strategist. Eating my way around the World sharing my adventures & my recipes

Chef Dennis, as I'm known around the world. I'm a retired Chef and Culinary Instructor. A native Texan living most of my life in the Philadelphia area I now reside in Kissimmee with my wife Lisa.

During the new phase of my culinary journey as a Food & Travel Blogger, I have amassed an impressive combined following of almost 1 million on my social channels, with more than 300 million views on my Google profile.

I speak on social media for small business, Twitter, Live Streaming and my new topic How to become a Travel Blogger.

You can find me across most social media channels as @askchefdennis and on my blog

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Profile artwork for Dennis Littley
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