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Dennis Henke

“I am familiar with a wide range of topics and have a quick wit and great sense of humor. Topics: culture, history, sci fi, politics and more”


About Me

I am a 55 year old full time farmer, 5 years ago i bought a NAPA Auto Parts store to diverify. Please don't assume I'm a clod hopping hick! I played bass in bands for years, and did audience interaction and MC work. I've served on the school board, insurance company board of directors any several other boards. I have been told I have a quick wit and great sense of humor millions of times from dozens of people. I'm easy going and laid back, and can discuss and not argue with those i don't agree with. I can talk music, politics, culture, sci fi, history and, oh yeah, agriculture. I have sound equipment experience and can make a microphone squeal like no one else. I love to chat and make small talk. I'd love to actually find a podcast co host, but I will take what I can. I'd appreciate a chance to help he accomplish my goal of podcasting, I know this makes me sound like I suck, but I'm actually kind of cool! Give me a shot!

Profile artwork for Dennis Henke
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