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Deborah Peters

“I am inspired and passionate to lead change & turn ideas into results.”


About Me

I began studying human behavior and performance techniques at a very early age. Riding the school bus for an hour each way I had loads of observation time. Why were some families more prosperous and happy in seemingly similar circumstances. Our goal at Neuro Engineering Institute is to provide programs that help people live fulfilled, happy, productive and creative lives.

My insatiable curiosity and dedication eventually took me around the world Coaching, Speaking & Negotiating Deals in 17 countries and counting.

Early in my career, I was commissioned by the government to lead a trade mission from Canada to Central America.

As the world continues to recalibrate after 2020, our view is that a portal has opened into greater possibilities for individuals, teams and companies to grow, prosper and expand their consciousness. 

I am the host of The Deborah Peters Show - Living The Life On The Leading Edge of Thought. I will unpack the deeper awareness of our lives. I and my expert guests aim to be on the leading edge of thought addressing the five main aspects of life:

  • Health – We will continually explore the connection between your Mind, emotions, body and spiritual maturity. A Higher Mind approach, a fresh new perspective of how you create your levels of health and vibrancy. Hopefully, we’ll introduce you to notions you haven’t yet considered.
  • Wealth – Creating money, keeping money, growing money….probably the hottest three topics on everyone’s mind, whether you have it or wish you did. Let’s unpack how to create money and have a healthy relationship with being wealthy and solvent.
  • Business – What does it take these days to build and lead a successful company into the future? A whole new approach to business success unfolds right here.
  • Relationships – The quality of our lives is directly impacted by the quality of our relationships – including and especially the relationship we have with ourselves. This big topic is never boring, from love and romance to family, business and friendships.
  • Self Expression – Who are you BE-ing? What and whom do you show the world? Is it your true self or a dialed-back version of who you really are deep inside and are avoiding embracing? Let’s dig in and create your authentic Self Expression.

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Profile artwork for Deborah Peters
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