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“In her book, “From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram” Deborah Charnes reveals simple tips to ease PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.”


About Me

My happiest and healthiest days rolled in after I qualified for AARP discounts.

As a certified yoga therapist, I recognize that depression, anxiety, and recurrent pain impact 72 percent of Americans, while another 61 percent suffer from digestive disorders. I also understand you cannot separate emotional, physical, and spiritual pains.  

I spent 50 years crisscrossing the world uncovering effective practices from gurus who represent a broad tapestry of religions, ethnicities, and countries of origin. Some are real-life swamis dressed in orange robes. Others don lab coats, army fatigues, or boxing gloves.

I felt compelled to share what took me a lot of time and money to learn.  “From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram” reveals my secret weapons to ease the most prevalent conditions plaguing our modern society. Each chapter focuses on one topic, presented through the life stories, teachings, and anecdotes of one of my diverse gurus, plus my experiences with the enjoyable and accessible tools.

These practices form the fabric of my life lessons—and my teachings. Each tip is practical, affordable, and takes no more than ten minutes a day. There’s no need for fancy gear or branded attire.

I loved my journey and enjoyed that approach. But, I compiled this holistic toolkit to save people time and money. 

My book transports the reader to the places I visited, and connects them to my disparate gurus each of whom radiates inner wisdom, which echos the origins of yoga. 

I share my lessons at therapeutic workshops in the U.S., Latin America, India, and Italy. A travel blogger since the early WordPress days, I have published 500 mind/body and lifestyle articles.

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Profile artwork for deborah charnes
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