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Debby Wells

“CEO, mom, grandma of special needs kids. Happy & unique outlook that families living stress-filled lives could use a dose of and, I am fun!”


About Me

I LOVE PEOPLE - Especially those who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders...

So I founded Special Family Connection

As CEO, my outlook on life is that habitual joy can force any adverse situation, event, or harmful person to relinquish control of our lives. I interview people who have taken the hardships life has thrown at them and turned them into paths to their destiny. My podcast, "The Special Family Connection, " and corresponding social media seek to provide individuals and families with physical and mental issues with hope. Stories of triumphs and strength of the heart are needed these days, more than ever. I want all people to realize that they are born with a destiny to make this world better.

Special Family Connection's mission is to provide Special Needs families & caregivers with positive News, Information and Support through the Power of reaching out one-to-one, Podcasts, Videos & Social Media and Resources. Our Podcasts have an informational and fun, lighthearted feel, and helping our audience feel encouraged and part of a caring team are my goals.

There are thousands of families in the world with loved ones they are caring for around the clock. These unique families are feeling stress, fatigue, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness more than ever. Marriages are at breaking points. Parents worry about what will happen to their special child when they are no longer able to protect them. The caregivers are not caring for themselves and are in desperate need of encouragement and help.

Special needs individuals need early intervention, special equipment, and technology. Special needs individuals need guidance on diet and exercise. Special needs individuals need teaching and resources for independent living. Special needs parents and individuals need Information on trusts, legal matters, and other end-of-life issues that arise when their primary caregivers are no longer there to help. Parents or guardians of special needs individuals are looking for anything that could help their unique child, no matter their age.

I know hundreds of beautiful people out there have something they can share on my podcasts to help these special families and individuals. We all want to help and make a difference with our experience, knowledge, professions, and resources.

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New YouTube Channel

THE-SPECIAL-FAMILY-CONNECTION is a Trademarked name 2021

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Profile artwork for Debby Wells
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