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“Candidate for California's 46th Congressional District; UCI Professor; School Choice Advocate; & Economic Solutions to End Welfare Society.”


About Me


My parents immigrated to the United States from Taiwan, and I was born and raised with my two sisters in the Chicago area in the 1960s, a time when there was still significant racial discrimination. My parents faced these difficulties with patience and forbearance and always taught the value of hard work and integrity. I owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to them for the sacrifices and indignities that they took on because they believed in the promise of America’s values. We have all been inspired by the incredible progress that has been made toward a color-blind society since that time.

I attended public schools in Chicago and Mount Prospect, Illinois, and went on to attend Stanford University for college and Columbia University for graduate school. I benefited enormously from my mentors at all of these schools. I have worked at Washington University in St. Louis, Stanford University, Pennsylvania State University, and, since 2006, at UC Irvine as a professor of German. My time in academia has led to the decision to seek political office because I have seen how the education establishment has strayed away from the values of merit and equality of opportunity.

Aside from my work at the university, I have worked as a management consultant at McKinsey and Company in Los Angeles, and I have been the editor of the journal Telos, where I have been studying, writing, and speaking about different ways to help our nation. I am honored to have been able to serve as a Commissioner on the Commission on Unalienable Rights at the U.S. State Department from 2019 to 2020.

I am running for Congress because I believe that we need to directly address the serious issues facing our state and nation with clarity and a sense of responsibility for the future.


Restoring Public Safety

School Choice for Parents

Reducing Inflation

Securing Our Borders

Supporting Small Business

Confronting Our National Debt


Improving our Schools.

Promoting Public Safety.

Reducing Inflation.

Finding Consensus in U.S. Politics.

Lowering Taxes to help families.

Healthcare Spending.

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David Pan for Congress

David Pan, candidate for California's 46th Congressional District. Addressing the issues facing our nation with clarity and a sense of responsibility for the future.

David Pan for Congress

David Pan for Congress, Santa Ana, California. 16 likes · 11 talking about this. Running for CA's 46th Congressional District to find commonsense solutions to our nation's problems.

David Pan (@davidpanforca) on Threads

Running for US Congress in California's 46th district - Professor at UC Irvine. 0 Followers.

Profile artwork for David Pan
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