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David Mielke

“I'm a Composting Bridger - turning crappy happenstances into fertilizer for growth, and stumbling blocks into bridges.”


About Me

I write and perform autobiographical musical stage shows, most recently The Driftwood Bridge: An Offering of Story and Song, and created an award-winning streaming language arts series called Cozy Grammar. During the Covid-19 pandemic my husband and I have also produced a series of videos called "Broadway in the Yurt." One of the videos, "Mood-Altering Foods," was recently featured in the New York Times.

I've worked as an actor in regional theater in Canada and the US, and also worked in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera. I've been a hospice volunteer and personally took care of my mentor, my father, and my 104-year-old grandmother through their illnesses and deaths. I've helped care for my mother who has advanced dementia. I've worked for GLBTQ causes as a Gay Community Development Coordinator.

I was born in a small town on Vancouver Island, BC - in 1963 when gayness was considered a criminal offense and a mental illness. Society at that time reflected those beliefs, and I internalized a lot of self-loathing. At 15 I ran away for two years, getting into various forms of trouble and learning some hard lessons. At 17, after completing a kind of vision-quest solo bicycle trip from Vancouver Island to Los Angeles, I returned home, realizing I didn't want to be a person who spent his life running away from problems. I dropped back into school, and with the help of an extraordinary teacher, turned my life around. I've spent most of my life cultivating the art of what I call being a "Bridger" - someone who tries to turn what once seemed like stumbling blocks into bridges to more love and more joy.

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Profile artwork for David Mielke
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