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David E. Feldman

“6 Books Mystery Author. Overcame addiction, spinal paralysis, hip replacements, colostomy surgery and cancer - with God’s help.”


About Me

I would love to promote your show and discuss issues that are foundational for all of us, as they relate to my life, my characters and stories, and to your audience.

My name is David E. Feldman, and I am the author of 8 books of my own, including my 6-book Dora Ellison Mystery Series, and dozens I have ghostwritten for others.

Along the way I have overcome drug addiction, depression, spinal problems that were heading for paralysis, 2 hip replacements, intestinal resection with colostomy and cancer, all with God's and my doctors' help.

On some level, ALL of my stories are about love, transcendence, and hope.

Through the art of storytelling, I hope to inspire people to transcend health challenges, fear, depression and trauma while entertaining and engaging with readers.

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Profile artwork for David E. Feldman
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