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David Doerrier

“I work with intelligent individuals to create captivating presentations to ensure their audience is engaged without feeling overwhelmed.”


About Me

David D. Doerrier, a public speaking expert with 30 years of experience in training and development, offers a unique perspective on navigating life challenges.

Despite navigating a challenging childhood with a narcissistic mother and facing obstacles in his military and professional careers, David now offers a unique perspective on overcoming life challenges for transformation.

Through his book, How Adults Learn - Principles of Engagement, David provides practical techniques to increase audience engagement, create powerful stage presence, and overcome speaking anxiety.

David's inspiring story from a shy kid on Long Island to a master of communication skills is truly remarkable.

His diverse background in radio broadcasting, corporate training, stage acting, military service, voiceover work, and even being Santa Claus has given him invaluable insights and coaching skills.

David, a highly accomplished Toastmaster, has competed in various impromptu and evaluation contests, earning recognition for his exceptional skills. He even finished third in the highly competitive Toastmaster District 44 evaluation contest.

If you're looking to transform your listeners' presentation skills, look no further than David D. Doerrier.

Contact David today to learn more about how he can assist your audience in mastering the art of public speaking.

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