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Dave Noll

“Creator & Executive Producer of the CHOPPED franchise, as well as 50+ US television series. Entrepreneur and an expert in Sales & Marketing.”


About Me

I'm a two-time Emmy Award Winner, two-time Gracie Award Winner, and Chopped has won the James Beard Award for Best Television Series, as well as been inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame. I've created, sold, and produced 50+ television series including: Chopped, Chopped Junior, Chopped All-Stars, Chopped Canada, Sony game show America Says, FOX game show Punchline, CBS talk show Face the Truth, HGTV's Beat the House and Don't Sweat It, Bravo's Rocco's Dinner Party, Discovery's Inner Chef with Marcus Samuelsson, TLC's Cover Shot, AMC's Movies 101 and the Netflix game Winsanity.

Recently, I've become both a frequent public speaker and podcast guest. After creating and selling 3300+ episodes of television, I have numerous inspiring and insightful stories on topics like: "Why You Must Always Be Ready for the X Point"... "Don't EVER Think Big"... "There Is No Fear"... and "The One Click Theory." Each of these topics not only includes personal stories from my past, but also all the major names I've worked with or studied extensively. People like Oprah, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Steve Harvey, Celine Dion and Stephen King.

Even more important: I know storytelling, and I'm an uplifting, inspiring & energetic speaker/guest. You don't sell a single episode of television without a great story... and I've sold 3300+.

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Profile artwork for Dave Noll
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