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Dave Monk

“Expert Content Marketer and pop culture geek who is passionate about storytelling and how archetypal behaviour can build brands.”


About Me

Founder of Podcasts West, host of twice weekly 12 Hats Radio Podcast, and the weekly Friendly Futurist Podcasts and former Community Radio DJ based in Perth Western Australia . I would make a great guest on your show if you want to chat about pop culture and how it can relate to branding.

Just some helpful advice for some newbie guests on this platform, pitch to podcast hosts like you would a journalist, not a consumer on Facebook. I expect to be wowed and want to see how you personally can create value for my listenership.

I also co-host and produce two other podcasts, The Bunker List, which is a human interest/comedy podcast and coming soon in 2021 The Friendly Futurist. Which will be a spin off from my current show 12 Hats Radio.

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