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Darius Wallace

“Darius is an actor and writer. For the past 15 years, he has toured the U.S. with his award-winning one-man show about Frederick Douglass.”


About Me

Darius is no stranger to stories. He has been in several Hollywood Movies. He is a founding company member of Tennessee Shakespeare in Memphis, Tennessee, and he has performed all over the country in thousands of schools, universities, theaters, museums, libraries, and the National Archives, as Frederick Douglass. He also has been the TEDx Memphis coach for seven years. He is a Tai Chi/Chi Gong practitioner and teaches methods of self-improvement through meditation.

Even though Darius has all of these achievements, there was a time when Darius was broke and broken. He struggled with anxiety, depression, fear, limiting beliefs, and suicidal thoughts. He was born in Flint, Michigan, during the time that GM automotive shops were closing, which left families without jobs. When he was thirteen years old, he found himself involved with the mean streets of Flint, Michigan, which led him to be in a street gang. One day there was a miraculous intervention when the Vice Principal of the school gave him an alternative. The destiny of jail or the destiny of his dream. Darius chose his dream when he was introduced to his high school theater teacher, who taught him the power of communication through storytelling as an actor.

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Profile artwork for Darius Wallace
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