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Darcie Warden

“Mid-life isn't halfway over, it's just getting started! Trust that you're exactly where you're meant to be. It's your launchpad.”


About Me

My name is Darcie Warden. I live in Bozeman, MT with my two huskies. I'm a recent empty nester. A proud mom of my 20 year old son spreading his wings in the world.

I'm a life and wellness coach. I work with people in their mid-life years who are experiencing a life or career transition.

I have several certifications including: life coach, health and wellness coach, yoga therapist, yoga instructor, and group fitness instructor. I've studied healing trauma and how the nervous system.

About Me

I'm originally from California north of Sacramento near Lake Tahoe. I was lucky enough to ride horses which was the one place I felt more myself than anywhere at the time. I was your typical anxious teenager. That angst spilled over into my 20s. To counter that I entered the party culture and found relief in self-medication which didn't hold when the party was over. It was a time when I probably should've sought out mental health support but at that time it wasn't a thing like it is today.

Fortunately, I found my way out of the party and into school. I realized quickly I was curious about many things and passionate about health for people and the environment. I studied social and environmental topics, became a leader in my class, and found my space in social and environmental justice work.

In 2001 I moved to Galena, Alaska to work for the Louden Tribal Council. This CA girl moved straight to a village 300 miles west of Fairbanks (no roads accessed the village). It was the best move I could've made and I really had no idea what I was signing up for. Less than two years later I was pregnant with my son. This was an unplanned blessing. He arrived at the time I needed him.

Shortly after he arrived we moved to Fairbanks. Fourteen years total in Alaska with my son (never married but good friends with his dad) we lived the Alaska life: dry cabin, running dog team, hauling water, showering on the deck, hunting and processing our food, raising chickens for eggs and meat. It was amazing.

My Experience

In my late 30s, I recognized the connection to exercise and my mental health. I took up running to improve my physical health but I found it supported my mental health. I was working out and running quite a bit. I signed up for a marathon. Trained for months and months. One week before the marathon I was in a car accident. My running career was over for a long time. I went through a grieving period but eventually found group fitness as my new outlet.

I fell in love with group fitness and became a certified instructor. My trajectory into health and wellness took off. I taught cardio, strength, and stretching classes.

Once in Bozeman, I found a yoga studio down the road from my office. I became a regular and felt the benefits of yoga emotionally as well as physically. And yes, I got certified as a yoga instructor and a yoga therapist.

I taught yoga classes and provided individual yoga therapy sessions for years. I observed that clients were unable to put insight into action in an effective way. So I got my certification in life coaching and health and wellness coaching.

Value I Bring to the Conversation

I blend all these modalities in my coaching programs.

  1. Movement: Building a relationship with the body through movement and listening.
  2. Listen: The client listens to the signs and clues the body sends with no judgment: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. It's different for everyone. These signals reveal insights.
  3. Insight: The insights lay the groundwork for what's important right now, goal setting, and how to get there.
  4. Action: Informed action toward goals.

My message is that we're exactly where we are meant to be. My path wasn't straight. At times I didn't know where I was headed. But I kept going. You may not know what's next. Life might feel a little scary and uncertain. That's ok. Amazing change is ahead of you. Connect, listen, trust, and take action. Dream big and go for it. Mid-life isn't halfway over, it's just getting started!

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