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Dante Healy

“Navigating the intersection between people, business and technology to identify solve the right problems as a Finance Transformation expert!”


About Me

Dante is a Finance Transformation project specialist whose passion is encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves, enjoying their work through community, purpose, achievement and personal growth. As a corporate accountant in his early career, he struggled with long hours during the month end closes due to inefficient processes and system limitations arising from one-size fits all Finance implementations in order to successfully meet unrealistic demands.

Now as an agile project manager and full stack coder he effectively leads global change initiatives to provide complex business analysis/process re-engineering and drive Finance process improvements through holistic systems integration. This included completing a finance transformation program at Ford Credit UK to introduce a common finance platform that delivered multi-million dollar cost savings for Accounting across Europe.

Dante is currently leading the technical execution of an FP&A Transformation with a global project team of FP&A specialists, Data Scientists, Architects and Engineers to deliver innovative Finance analytics use cases, leveraging big data for a Global FMCG brand.

Additionally, Dante builds trusted key senior stakeholder relationships up to Global Board level to win buy-in to the change agenda. Dante likes to write and code in his spare time, but also has an interest in how the mind works and hold a Practitioner certificate in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).

As lead host of the "Business Breaks - All things business" podcast Dante loves to discuss a wide variety of topics, but personally loves talking about effective leadership with his own ethos being influence over authority!

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Profile artwork for Dante Healy
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