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Danny O'Malley

“Danny is the leading plant-based meat expert in the world and has a passion for incorporating plant-based habits into everyday life.”


About Me

Some of Danny's accolades include:

  • Award-winning plant-based meat innovator
  • Created the first line of diverse plant-based meat (burgers, chicken, turkey, sausage & much more)
  • Innovated the first plant-based meat that is in line with traditional meat prices (Mainstream by Before the Butcher)
  • Uniquely qualified to comment on environmental off-set of plant-based meat vs traditional meat
  • 25+ years of food industry experience; Broke off from Beyond Meat to start Before the Butcher
  • Featured in: The New York Times, TODAY Show, Forbes, CNN Business, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Discover More

Before the Butcher

Before the Butcher produces delicious plant-based proteins for both retail and food service customers. We are one of the original plant-based protein makers that delivers patties, chunks, grounds, strips, pulled pork and much more. We also supply private label plant-based proteins to national brands

Before the Butcher

Hey there! At "Before the Butcher", we're passionate about bringing you the absolute best in plant-based delights, without breaking the bank. Our Plant Meat™ isn't just for our vegan and vegetarian friends, but it's a treat for meat lovers too! You can be confident in your choice since all our plant-based proteins are gluten-free, non-GMO, and totally cholesterol-free. Dive into a world where our plant-based meats offer the comforting bite, chew, and taste of traditional meat. They're so scrumptious, you might just forget you're enjoying a meatless meal. Go ahead, savor the goodness! Join Us on a Heartwarming Mission... amplify the plant-based movement, nurture the curiosity of our young ones, and spark inspiration in others with plant-based proteins that are not only nourishing but also a delight to the palate. Our Dream Vision to witness a world where plant-based proteins are warmly welcomed and preferred as a delightful and sustainable way to feed our global family.

Profile artwork for Danny O'Malley
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