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Daniel the Healer

“Holistic Intuitive Energy Healer - expert on Soul Purpose and Life on Earth reasons - Metaphysics - Integrating the Spiritual in your life”


About Me

Holistic Intuitive Energy Healer - we speak about many subjects:

I can also respond to questions if you have a call-in show,

  1. Why are you here on Planet Earth?
  2. What is Soul and what is your purpose here?
  3. Integrating Spirituality in your day-to-day life
  4. You are a Divine Being
  5. What does "Holistic Healing" mean?
  6. How do you Create Your Own Reality?
  7. What is Healing? What happens on a Cellular Level?
  8. What are the hidden messages of Illness and Pain?
  9. What is Meditation? and why would you get into it? What are the benefits?
  10. What happens during Death and Dying?
  11. How do you listen to Messages from Beyond
  12. What is happening metaphysically during these current times?
  13. Why is there so much chaos now?
  14. Why is it important to keep Your Energies in good shape?
  15. How do you build a Blissful Life?
  16. Is Reincarnation real?
  17. How to connect with Your Spirit Helpers
  18. How to create a balance between your Masculine and Feminine Energies

This and much more!

I am definitely way out of the box. I can explain the unusual and mysterious.

I have been involved in metaphysics, healing and reality creation for over 45 years. I have taken courses and learned from the best. It all started rather innocently. I wanted to pass a test and had issues with learning the subject. Someone suggested I use hypnosis, which I did. It worked so well that, after only one hypnosis session, I passed the test in the high nineties. I became so intrigues that I decided to become a hypnotist myself. And that was the beginning of my healing career.

But there is more. Healing has only been part of my life full time in the last 15 years. Before that I had many careers, chef / caterer, computer analyst / programmer / systems integrator, mortgage broker, realtor, multi lever marketer, and business manager.

That is why I am relatable. People trust me intrinsically and I know how to explain things so it make sense to them.

So, what are you really looking for?

In my experience with hosts, they want someone who is an expert in their field, and who can explain the subject at hand well. Someone who has some humor, and who is personable and wise.

I think I fit that bill.

So, let's connect and explore if we're a good fit for each other. I bring a wealth of expertise, relatability, humor, and practical insights to your audience, leaving them simultaneously satisfied and equipped to make positive changes in their daily lives.

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Profile artwork for Daniel the Healer
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