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Daniel Hauge

“Founder of Passion 4 Achievement, #1 Bestselling Author, and obsessed with building a world-class lifestyle through personal-growth tools.”


About Me

Daniel Hauge – Bestselling Author and founder of Passion 4 Achievement

🌐 About Me

I'm the founder of a company called Passion 4 Achievement which is all about personal growth, high performance, and lifestyle design for online entrepreneurs and freelancers. I started Passion 4 Achievement because I couldn’t stand the amount of wasted potential I saw everywhere I looked. I believe that most people, especially those currently held back by overwhelm, procrastination, lack of clarity, etc., can be so much more than they currently are in the areas of life that matter to them. At P4A, we aim to eliminate wasted potential. This happens through everything from free videos and PDFs to paid products and coaching.

🎯 Who do I help and how?

I help online entrepreneurs (typically those at the 6-7 figure mark) perform in and out of business while building a lifestyle designed around their values. Typical benefits include a better bottom line in business, more mental/physical/emotional energy, giant increases in productivity & effectivity, and all while experiencing decreased amounts of bad stress, burnout, overwhelm, and procrastination.

Everything I do is based on our Automatic Achiever™ framework, which consists of clarity work, mastering the science of habit/system building, leveraging momentum, utilizing high performance tools, and much more.

🏆 Achievements

Here’s a mix of stuff I’ve done in my career and privately:

  • Escaped years of drug abuse, crime and mental illness
  • Climbed from warehouse worker to training and managing 100+ people
  • Built Passion 4 Achievement to 1000s of customers/clients all over the world
  • Wrote a #1 international Amazon best-selling book on lifestyle design for entrepreneurs
  • Built my dream physique in less than 6 months
  • Designed a dating life I'm very content with and an incredible circle of social influence
  • Been top 1% in Europe and/or nationally in multiple hobbies

(All of the above happened by following the same framework.)

I share the above achievements because many people can turn a healthy profit in business... But can they do it while taking care of other key areas of life?

✨ Part time ninja?

When I force myself to take a break from eradicating wasted potential in the world, I like to move my body. This is usually a nice walk in nature, weightlifting, mma, muay thai, grappling, gymnastics, or parkour. If that makes you call me a ninja, I will happily take that title :)

🔗 Connect with Me

Email: [email protected]

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Profile artwork for Daniel Hauge
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