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Dan Edds

“Would you like to help me start a revolution in leadership? One that will unleash the workforce to contribute the very best of themselves?”


About Me

The Problem I See

In 25 years as a management consultant, I have worked with hundreds of organizations. My work has involved performance improvement, revenue enhancements, and organizational assessments. In all my interactions with front line staff, managers, and senior executives, I have never met anyone excited because they worked for an average or mediocre organization. On the contrary, I have met thousands of workers who would willingly sacrifice personal time to build organizations of excellence, yet their voice is ignored. I consistently witness the wisdom of W. Edwards Deming when he said, “The greatest waste … is failure to use the abilities of people… the contributions that they are eager to make.”

The Inconvenient Reality

All too often, I meet leaders with impeccable credentials who willing accept organizational mediocrity as perfectly acceptable while wasting the most significant resource at their disposal, the full capabilities of their people. The result is what Gallup reports: 52% Of the workforce is non-engaged, and another 13% is actively sabotaging the workplace. In simple terms, 66% of the workforce are emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually disengaged from their work. They contribute little to innovation, if not outright sabotaging it. However, there is more. Gallup also reports that 70% of worker engagement is directly aligned to the relationship with the manager. In simple terms, the solution is leadership. 

The Solution

Four years ago, I began asking this question, “how do organizations that capture the emotional and psychological engagement of their workforce approach the practice of leadership?” After researching organizations and interviewing key leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, the U.S. Military, and education, I discovered their secret. They design unique leadership systems, then train, coach, and mentor every leader to the requirements of their system. The result is a book, Genetics of Leadership, cracking the code of sustainable team performance. This book is the first of its kind and demonstrates a revolutionary new approach to the practice of organizational leadership.


I hold an MBA in International Business from the Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University. I am a certified Lean practitioner, Kaplan/Norton Balanced Scorecard Graduate, a Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award Examiner, and I have held the PMP (Project Manager Professional) certification. I also hold certifications in group facilitation and strategic planning. In 2003 my first book titled Transformation Management, which was published by Spiro Press, London, England.

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Profile artwork for Dan Edds
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