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D Tanner

“I have worked with teens to young adults in volunteer work trying to help them discover the power of positive thinking and success in life.”


About Me

I am an outgoing conversationalist that adds humor naturally to any conversation with many stories. I can discuss many different topics on life, living, travel and even my new book, "Great Expectations Today", on how to be happier and a success in life.

I grew up on a working farm and then entered into sales and later software sales. I have traveled extensively and have always had a couple of different side businesses and several investments on the side. In my next book, due out in April, "Side Hustle 101", I discuss if and why you should have a side business and the things too consider to be a success. I talk about my winning model for making this small side business work.

I have volunteered for over 30 years now to counsel and help youth and young adults discover their inner power for success and happiness. I write today to help these young people in the questions they seek and the depression occasionally suffered.

I have been married for many years, have a daughter and two grandkids that are about to enter college. My Mom is an inspiration and still driving, doing her checkbook and thriving alone at 97 years old. She is a very loving, faithful and independent person.

I love a good story, great company and the chance to learn from any opportunity. I have several side businesses from a skincare products business, real estate business, writing books, fossil collecting and other outdoor activities.

I am very happy and really love to enjoy life!

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Profile artwork for D Tanner
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