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“Seeking Shelter. Memoir of a Jewish Girlhood in Wartime Britain Bombs, Gas Masks, Rationing, Evacuation. Every day life in wartime.”


About Me

Born in London, I was 6 when World War 2 began, 12 when it ended. The book includes recipes. My professional life was spent in the specialty food industry, owning 2 gourmet stores and a fine food and confectionery brokerage. The book includes recipes. I tell stories at Westchester County's version of The Moth - Storyboom and have given many book talks to local synagogues and JCC's. My book describes the daily life of a child during wartime.Here are links to a couple of video interview Here is a link to an interview Shelter was a finalist in 2 book competitions. It is available on Amazon or from your local bookstore.

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Profile artwork for cynthia ehrenkrantz
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