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Courtney Page

“I'm an executive recruiter turned career coach, host of re:sume the podcast, and founder of the career development firm, Re:sume.”


About Me

I am a seasoned executive recruiter turned career coach as well as a podcast host. With over a decade of experience recruiting top tier, executive level talent for a variety of industries, I made a natural pivot towards career and executive coaching.

We spend about a third of our life working and allow our career to permeate and influence our identity, but we’re shockingly accepting of career dissatisfaction, and therefore, life dissatisfaction. As a result of deeply internalized expectations, we tend to veer off of our intended career path and therefore veer off of our intended life path.

Through tailored coaching, I create ambitious and attainable action plans that support my clients in rewriting their futures, relaunching their lives, and resuming their path.

I read your resume as the story of your life. Using my recruiting expertise, I find the root of the reason behind each career decision, how those decisions inform the next step of your journey, and how to leverage your existing skills and experience in your favor to clear a path towards career (and life) happiness.

I am also the host of “re:sume”, a poignant podcast spreading the message through upbeat and in-depth conversations on careers that you can, in fact, be happy in your career! I interview professionals from a variety of industries to investigate how they have cultivated happiness in their career.

As a guest, I bring energy, experience, and insight on:

  • Why people chose the careers that they do
  • Common career journey doubts and how to overcome them
  • The impact careers have on our lives
  • How to master the interview
  • How to cultivate happiness in your career and life.

When I’m out of the office you will find me playing with and cleaning up after my kids, teaching and practicing yoga, snuggling with Gus, my giant yellow lab, and watching Schitt’s Creek with my very patient and supportive husband half awake at 9pm.

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Resume is a career coaching and development firm offering career advice, resume services, and career coaching packages.

Profile artwork for Courtney Page
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