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Cory McKane

“I'm 5 years into running a software company/app in the fitness industry with countless stories of failure, growth, and lessons-learned.”


About Me

Hey there, I'm Cory McKane and I'm the Founder & CEO of WeStrive. After getting my Accounting degree in college (which has nothing to do with my startup or fitness), I realized that there was a huge opportunity for a marketplace in the personal training industry.

My story involves years of heartache, part-time jobs, failed apps, and too many lessons learned to count. After all those years of work, we finally have a successful platform and our app is seeing growth week-by-week.

I joined Matchmaker because I want to share my story. I understand a lot about the entrepreneurship world and have countless years of experience within fitness. Our app is all about personal training, fitness, nutrition, and client-management so I'm very much used to talking fitness and/or business.

I also have my own startup podcast ( where I interview successful founders so I definitely have experience speaking into a mic.

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Profile artwork for Cory McKane
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