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Colleen Slaughter

“Inspiring Transformation in Leaders and Top Teams to Create More Impact, Executive Coach, Transformational Facilitator, Speaker, Author”


About Me

Colleen Slaughter, Senior Leadership Advisor of Authentic Leadership International

"I help leaders understand their value at a deep level and, from there, guide them to take actions toward ways they can thrive personally and professionally."

Colleen’s purpose is to facilitate her clients’ transformation from limiting beliefs and self-doubts into a deeper, more powerful knowingness of how much they – and what they envision for themselves – truly matter. Her passion is instilling leaders with the clarity, courage, and confidence they need to uncover and live their highest purpose so the whole system can flourish and evolve.

Fostering human connection and compassion, and challenging conventional mindsets are ways Colleen creates impact. Clients often attribute her calm and open nature and abilities to articulate complex subjects in easy-to-understand terms and to create a safe space as catalysts for their meaningful personal insights, increased enthusiasm at work, and deepened work relationships.

Colleen’s unparalleled experience working abroad in a variety of cultures and across an array of industries gives her an uncanny ability to help individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds achieve the deep, lasting transformation they need to flourish.

A Rebel With A Good Cause

From being nicknamed “Miss Independent” at an early age to moving to Paris alone when she was just 21 – with no money and not even speaking the language – Colleen knows a thing or two about making bold moves. Yet, she is no stranger to self-doubt – in fact, Colleen often says at one point in her life, it felt like she was surrounded by the word “no.”

Colleen considers herself a “rebel with a good cause" because she doesn’t hesitate to go against the grain when the right-thing-to-do-instinct dictates. Clients say that she is very easy to relate to and that they are better able to get in touch with their true, more authentic selves as a result of the trusting relationship established through their work together.

Colleen’s Path of Change Leadership

Over twenty years ago, Colleen took part in the merger of two large consulting firms. Stung with the “retaining the Best and the Brightest” bug, after graduate business school at HEC Paris, she went on to Change Management Consulting.

Seeking to affect change at a deeper and more lasting level, she graduated from the Newfield Network in 2009 with its rigorous coaching certification. And, to continue learning how to profoundly influence the mindsets within companies across the globe, Colleen completed INSEAD’s Executive Master in Change in November 2022.

In 2023, Colleen was nominated to be among the top 15 Coaches in Lyon, France.

Today, through her coaching and facilitating work, Colleen brings out the very best in leaders in organizations across the world and helps them lead from the heart – the only true path to deep fulfillment and lasting impact.

Outside of Work...

Originally a small-town girl from Kentucky, USA, Colleen currently resides in Lyon, France with her two spunky little girls (they take after their mom!) who are the lights of her life.

In order to deepen her yoga practice, Colleen followed a 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training course in 2009. Since then, you can find her on the mat pretty much every day. When she’s not on the yoga mat, you just might catch her swimming in the sea, walking on the beach, as well as listening – and dancing 🙂 – to regatón.

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