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Claudia Goetzelmann

“MidLife Coach, End of Life Doula, guided Meditation, Yoga, Pro AD photographer. Truly Global being. I have lots to share & talk about.”


About Me

I am professional advertising photographer

I am also a certified MidLife Coach & End of Life Doula and Yogi,

I host guided Meditations.

I have lived in 4 continents. I am a truly global being with a rich life.

 I LOVE deep windy conversations where we go/ explore the essence of a topic so we all feel enriched - we as the host/ guest and the listeners! Plus I am really fun to chat with !

I love what I do & want to be of service to empower women !

check my websites :

I have been a guest on quite a few podcasts by now and i even invited back for round 2.

Lets connect and find out!!!

Much Love


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Profile artwork for Claudia Goetzelmann
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