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Clarke Dodd

“Teacher-turned-Management Consultant”


About Me

Hey there,

I've had quite an interesting journey so far! Would be awesome to share some stories that may be useful, depending on whatever your audience may find interesting.

I'm from a tiny town in North Wales where the most exciting thing to do was visit the "big ASDA".

No graduate scheme after university (rejected an investment banking offer and regretted it)

Went and spent 10 weeks in the rainforest in Borneo doing a range of voluntary experiences.

Secured a job as a teacher for 2 years via Teach First.

Then switched to Management consultancy for 9 years - working with over 20 clients across North America, Europe and Asia. I've worked for 3 consultancies, starting from analyst all the way up to Senior Manager.

After spending 1 year in telecoms as a full time employee I'm now beginning my journey as an independent contractor.

Otherwise, I'm one of 400 people in the world who have completed an obstacle course in the arctic circle, I do improv in London (2nd show coming up in May!) and regularly practice meditation, & CrossFit (not simultaneously!).

Otherwise, lucky enough to be able to reconnect with an ex-girlfriend from 5 years ago after seeing a spiritual healer in Bali.

That's a few interesting facts to get us started at least :)



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Profile artwork for Clarke Dodd
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