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Clarissa Gannon

“I am Clarissa, founder of the Vegan Fit For Life. I help women around the world achieve lasting success in health and fitness.”


About Me

Hi, I'm Clarissa!

The CEO of Vegan Fit For Life.

I started out as a personal trainer but often felt constrained in my quest to help

women as there are only so many hours in a day. After working in depth in the

fitness community for some time, it was apparent that those who wanted to eat

vegan or plant based had no real resources. So in 2014 I launched online in order to

be able to help reach more women more effectively.



*NCI Nutrition L1

*NCI Nutrition L2

*Nutrition and Dietetics

*Sports Nutrition

*Precision Nutrition -PN1

*Precision Nutrition - PN2

*Iyengar Yoga- Beginning Yoga Certification

*30 Hour Yin Yoga Instruction Certification

*ASFA- Master Trainer

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Elite Fit For Life | fitness and nutrition coach

Online personal trainer and nutrition specialist Clarissa Gannon, Vegan-fit-for-Life

Clarissa Gannon

Exercise instruction, workouts and nutrition knowledge.

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