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Clare White

“Bestselling author of 'You've Got The Power. Six Principles for Business Success', and consultant, Clare shares her secrets of success.”


About Me

Clare White (CXAD dip) has worked in customer loyalty, shopper activation and MarTech industries for 25 years, leading business units with responsibility for customer relationship management, sales and critical business metrics of revenue and related customer metrics.

Clare has successfully led relationships with major grocery retail and FMCG companies, shaping experiences for clients and their customers, consistently delivering improvements across critical customer friction points, to increase business growth for both parties.

Clare’s experience spans a range of business disciplines, from developing customer strategy and aligning employees, to developing and leading go to market plans, to improving customer retention and loyalty for her client’s customers. Instrumental in leading culture transformation in a past business, Clare understands the importance of removing business silos, increasing cross functional collaboration to achieve a common customer purpose and focus to increase business growth. Clare helps businesses navigate the inextricable link between employee and customer experience driven by a passion to make businesses more human.

Clare’s understanding of critical elements that make a business successful has led to her writing her first book ‘You’ve Got the Power. Six Principles for Business Success’. Passionate about helping businesses succeed and improving employee and customer experiences, Clare is CEO of consulting firm Connected CX, working with clients to solve their business problems with customer focused solutions.

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Connected CX

Clare is a Customer Experience Consultant, specialising in solutions to improve Customer Experience and Retention including Customer Journey Management.

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