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Christopher Lind

“Bold, digital-first HR exec, author, husband, and father of 7 living at the intersection of business, technology, and the human experience.”


About Me

I came from humble beginnings riddled with trauma and dysfunction in small rural towns as the son of two funeral director parents who, despite struggling to fit in, had an acumen for business, people, and technology. Despite it all, I was determined to change the world and help as many people as possible along the way.

Professionally, that led me to where I am today as a bold, digital-first HR executive that’s spent the majority of my time navigating the intersection of business, technology, and the human experience while working side-by-side with industry providers and business leaders, being directly accountable for outcomes.

Along the way, I grew my influence through extensive advisory work and being an active Top Voice on LinkedIn.

To more broadly assist professionals on that journey and shape the next generation of leaders, I started a livestream/podcast four and a half years ago called Future-Focused and quickly became an active YouTube content creator.

That led to the decision to write my book, "Relentless Intention | The Power of Purpose," launching soon.

All the while, I've managed to balance that alongside my primary responsibilities as a dedicated husband and father of seven young children.

This has provided me with a dynamic portfolio of experiences and stories as well as a wide array of expertise you won’t easily find in a guest.

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Christopher Lind

Globally recognized, digital-first HR leader living at the intersection of business, technology, and the human experience. Author of Relentless Intention. Host of Learning Tech Talks. Chief Learning Officer at ChenMed. Devoted husband and father of 7 under the age of 12. On Christopher's channel, you will find all the latest in developing skills, technology, navigating career and corporate culture, and finding harmony between a personal and professional life. Be sure to subscribe to my Substack for digestible content:

Profile artwork for Christopher Lind
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