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Christian Yordanov

“Author of "How to Actually Live Longer, Vol.1" & "Autism Wellbeing Plan: How to Get Your Child Healthy"”


About Me

My latest book is on the topic of longevity (published Jan 2024, If you want to give your listeners truly valuable information on how to increase their lifespan and healthspan, let's talk. Other topics I love discussing include all of the below stated in my bio. We can always tailor the discussion to your audience (e.g. women's health, mental performance and nootropics, childrens' health, detoxification, gut health, reversing chronic disease, etc., etc.). I love to share all I have learned over the years with as wide an audience as possible


Christian Yordanov is an author and certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner who helps people of all ages restore their health, optimise it, and increase their performance and longevity. As a health professional, he uses advanced lab testing to identify hidden metabolic and health imbalances, and teaches clients how to use diet, supplementation, detoxification, stress reduction, sleep optimisation, and other strategies to address chronic health issues and transform their health.

Christian's latest book, How to Actually Live Longer, Vol.1 (, is the beginning of his new series on longevity. His first book, Autism Wellbeing Plan: How to Get Your Child Healthy (, helps parents of autistic children identify and address their children's underlying health and metabolic challenges.

Some of the main areas of his research include longevity and healthy aging, gut health, detox, fertility, autism, and children's health. Christian is a certified Buteyko breathing instructor, Pn1 Nutrition Coach, GrowBaby practitioner, DNAfit trainer, and is also certified in personal training, fitness instruction, and sports and event massage therapy.

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Profile artwork for Christian Yordanov
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