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“Rise and Thrive Wholeness Coach. Author of the upcoming book Baby on Board: Not Pregnant, The Baby is Me. #MakingEmpathyGreatAgain #MEGA”


About Me

Have we met? I'm Chrissy, founder of Rise &Thrive Wholeness Coaching and the Managing Director of Ignite Puporse Canada. Author of the soon to be published book Baby on Board: Not Pregnant, the Baby is Me which is about giving the same grace we give to babies and toddlers learning how to walk to ourselves when we try new things or stumble and fall. We don't say stay down baby, stop making a fool of yourself...we say you got this baby, try one more time and I'll help you - take my hand.

I love helping people discover their inner greatness, turning their walk of shame into a stride of confidence. Guide them through their own heart's desires so they can use their unique awesome sauce to create their vision of success, all while holding their baby inside with respect and compassion.

In 2022 I lived a country song year and was at my most vulnerable. Unable to care for myself, in my vulnerability I felt like life kept punching at me and I thought if only I could wear a baby on board sign so people would know to be gentle with my fragile soul. I lost my home, my job, and nearly my life when inflicted with a brain injury due to a severe COVID infection. The first month of recovery was re-learning how to talk and sleep again. Yes, I forgot how to sleep.

The next three months of recovery were focused on reducing the crippling panic and anxiety attacks that resulted from damage to my brain and calming my tremors and physical tics.

I was a single mom with no income, I honestly thought my life was over and the person I blamed most was myself.

Accountability is healthy, however, overresponsibility for the ebbs and flows of life or the actions of others is a trauma response. I was addicted to codependent relationships and the belief that danger was around every single corner. The energy of hypervigilance was providing a false sense of vigor and vitality.

I had to decide what being alive would mean to me after losing almost everything I had. Thankfully, the worst year of my life has turned into the best years of my life...but I didn't do it all alone!

This is why I’m a big believer in the saying “it takes a village”, which isn’t just about raising children with support, it’s about caring for ourselves and each other and allowing anyone to speak their truth and accept their experience for how they actually experience it.

Death to toxic positivity where we avoid, ignore, and sugarcoat actual life and normal, healthy human responses to that life. Thinking that somehow if we acknowledge and communicate the whole parts of our existence that we are supposed to believe we are also to blame for what happens to us which we aren't. Shame and blame are not helpful or useful in the healing and transformation process.

I believe we need to love people where they are, validate their experience, and foster a community of compassion and acceptance.

I find the more I share my story with others the more people I meet that are on the verge of channeling their pain into a transformation. They just need to know they are not alone, that they are not crazy and that they do have what it takes inside them to live their happiest life ever.

I am a speaker, facilitator, consultant, coach, and writer. I am honest, humorous, and handle tough, tricky subjects with compassion and brevity. If you are looking for an engaging, energetic speaker who is genuine, humourous and a storyteller, then I am the one you want on your show!

Topics I love to cover:

  1. Wholeness and Wellness - How to embrace our whole selves and nourish our souls with non-food nourishment.
  2. How to find that missing ingredient - Get unstuck
  3. Re-align and re-alive yourself - Get back on course and really kick start your joie de vivre
  4. Anger isn't a negative emotion - Anger is an important emotion even for lovebugs like me
  5. Bringing compassion to the boardroom or life to the "bored'-room - re-aliving your leadership team
  6. Personal advocacy from medical gaslighting (I have PCOS & Hashimotos disease) to codependency

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Rise & Thrive Wholeness Coaching

Rise & Thrive Wholeness Coaching, Rural Municipality of Headingley. 395 likes · 7 talking about this. Rise and Thrive Wholeness Coaching is well-being for your whole-being. #ElevateYourLife

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