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““Podcast host for 12 years, over 800 episodes. Famous guests: CNN Anchor Jim Sciutto, MSNBC Chris Matthews & other top-tier media guests””


About Me

Forbes Top 50 recognized, CEO/Host of The Chris Voss Show, Author, Consultant, Speaker, Youtuber, Coach, many Awards, Audience over 300,000 on Social Media. 35+ Year Serial Entrepreneur. I've been a podcast host for 12 years, over 800 episodes.

The Chris Voss Show is EXCLUSIVE Top-Tier Profiles of regular TV, Radio, Author interview podcast that has almost 900 episodes, **Famous guests on the show CNN: Anchor Jim Sciutto, Clarissa Ward, MSNBC: Chris Matthews, Frank Figliuzzi, Eddie Glaude Jr., Carol Leonnig, Susan Page, Jill Wine-Banks, Dr. Richard Haass & FBI’s Peter Strzok, Kim Wehle, Hint CEO Kara Goldin, Michael Ian Black, Seth Abramson, Matthew Yglesias, TV Coach Mike Bayer, TV Dr. Jennifer Ashton, 60 Minutes Ira Rosen, Thom Hartmann, Co-Editors and Journalists of WAPO, WSJ, New Yorker, NYT, Time Mag, etc. Even Carol Baskin from Tiger King Celeb.

The show is flooded with the hottest top authors, and books newly released by large publishing houses. Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Hachette, Harper Collins, Macmillan, etc.

My podcast, “The Chris Voss Show”, is up to an hour-long interview to promote you. As a Forbes Top 50 Influencer, we have established my podcast featuring leaders in all genres for over 12 years. We are syndicated to all major podcasting sites and YouTube.

The Chris Voss Show IS NOT the usual 95% of fly-by-night podcasts that are abandoned after a few months. For 12 years now, my interviews on Youtube videos are still being consumed and will probably be up for another 10 years or more. The show has MASSIVE LONGEVITY.

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Profile artwork for Chris Voss
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