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Chris Hood

“I'm an author, digital strategist and thought leader with over 35 years of experience helping companies innovate and grow business value.”


About Me

Hello! I am an author and internationally recognized digital strategist, thought leader, and podcaster. Today I spend time coaching executives on Customer Transformation, while growing their business and meeting the rapidly changing expectations of consumers. I recently authored and published a book on the same topic, "Customer Transformation: A 7-Stage Strategy for Customer Alignment and Business Value." I also host my podcast The Chris Hood Digital Show, and speak at enterprises and events around the world.

Previously I worked for Google, helping enterprises transform their business and driving success with digital strategies designed to increase their business value. My work at Google also included hosting the podcast That Digital Show. In addition, I currently teach in the Information Technology department for Southern New Hampshire University and Colorado Technical University.

While working for Fox Broadcasting, I transformed how users engaged with television content for shows like Glee, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, and American Idol. My work included the development of TV Everywhere products, and building new interactive media to support digital transformation initiatives across multiple media platforms.

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Chris Hood is a digital strategist, author, and podcaster, advising leaders on customer transformation, innovation and digital acceleration.

That Digital Show

Conversations to grow Business Value in the Cloud, a podcast presented by Google Cloud and hosted by Chris Hood.

Customer Transformation

Chris Hood is a digital strategist, podcaster, writer, and innovation executive at Google with over 35 years of experience in business development.

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