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Chloe Sargeant

“Queer & disabled writer/podcaster. I mostly talk about LGBTQIA+ issues, chronic illness & disability issues and Lord of the Rings.”


About Me

Chloe Sargeant is a Sydney-based writer, reporter producer, podcaster and illustrator, who proudly hails from the northern suburbs of South Australia.

Her writing has been published by SBS, ABC,, Junkee,, Daily Life, whimn, Concrete Playground, Broadsheet, Vogue Italia, and Rip It Up. She won Journalist of the Year at the 2017 Australian LGBTI Awards, and was a featured author in 2018 anthology, ‘Going Postal: More Than Yes Or No and 2020 anthology ‘New Voices on Food’.

Chloe also has a regular monthly column about chronic illness and disability on Junkee, called ‘Chronic and Iconic’.

She also works as a freelance illustrator. Her work delves into the lived experiences of chronic illness, mental illness and disability through the medium of digital illustration. You can see and purchase her illustrations on Redbubble.

She co-hosts the chaotic yet endearing chronic illness podcast, Chronically Fully Sick, with Joanna Nilson. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or pretty much any other podcast streaming app. (Strong language warning, soz.)

Chloe is currently writing her first book. omfg ouch: how to live your best life when you’re chronically fully sick’ is a ‘spoonie bible’, a source of support, solidarity and advice for people who live with chronic illness, chronic pain and/or disability, particularly in the early years of their life.

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Profile artwork for Chloe Sargeant
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