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Chip Royce

“Expert tech innovator, helping companies (ventures to Fortune 100) unlock growth and scale through customer sentiment and feedback.”


About Me

Chip has consistently delivered top-line margin and bottom-line results through sales & marketing optimization, leading organizational & business transformation, developing talent, and improving operations. More than 25 years of domestic and international experience, ranging from Fortune 50 to start-ups and leading teams of up to 35.

Why invite Chip to your podcast?

Chip brings insights on:

  • Customer Feedback to Unlock Growth: Why customer behaviors require constant monitoring of customer sentiment and how to gain a strategic advantage through feedback
  • The importance of revitalizing the US manufacturing sector.
  • The role of 3D printing in business and manufacturing (and what it can't magically do).
  • B2B marketing for hardware products: how to adapt your marketing activities to succeed with today's buyer.
  • Traditional customer feedback surveys and A/B Testing fail to see the forest for the trees.
  • How embracing "Systems Orientation" impacts any small company's growth, scaling, and success.
  • Transparency & Collaboration - why building a culture of openness and trust is more important than ever for your company's business performance.
  • Unintended Impacts of Remote Work on Careers: Insights on retaining talent and how to manage your career in a remote workplace.

Here's a little bit more of what Chip has accomplished in his career:

At Fusion3, Chip has created a compelling 3D printing/additive manufacturing brand for its Fortune 1000, SMB, Government, Military, and EDU customers, increased revenue and margin per unit, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced customer support expense through the successful launch of the company’s new generation 3D printer (‘EDGE’), aligned with the company’s brand promise of superior performance, value, and greater product durability, and made in the USA.

Through his advisory business, Flywheel Advisors, Chip has helped companies achieve stellar results and business outcomes by identifying new growth strategies. With, Chip led the company's transformation from direct-to-consumer into a partner-driven/indirect distribution model to reduce customer acquisition costs and accelerate growth. OnePriceTaxes' revenue grew 1400% YoY through multi-year partnerships with leading tax service companies and led to a successful exit to Credit Karma, now Intuit (Nasdaq: INTU).

At Lenovo Group, Chip provided business development and strategic alliance leadership for the company's launch of its new consumer PC business, negotiating massive investments in marketing, NRE, and cost rebates from crucial alliance partners, including Intel, Microsoft, AMD, and McAfee. Chip also led the initiative to expand Lenovo's CPU supplier base, developing the plan to introduce AMD into Lenovo's ThinkPad line of notebooks and securing $700+MM of incentives.

Before Lenovo, Chip held strategy, general management, business development, marketing, and product development roles with Dell, and high-performing technology companies in the internet media, e-commerce, and hosting categories. He also has the unique distinction of being the first to place a keyword ad online.

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Profile artwork for Chip Royce
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