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Chidi C. Iwuchukwu

“I help individuals to transform their trials to triumphs using courage and drawing lessons from my personal journey and transitions.”


About Me

My story highlights a number of harrowing experiences - growing up in poverty, fired from my banking job (won a wrongful dismissal suit), kidnapped for ransom, flee to Canada to start all over again, survived Cancer and wrote an international bestseller-Coming to Canada: The Ultimate Source Guide for New Immigrants and Travelers.

In my journey from homelessness to becoming a bestselling author, I have learned valuable lessons that have made it possible to survive these traumatic events. These lessons and strategies I now share with varied audiences .

I am driven by my core values of family, integrity, resilience, selflessness, and trustworthiness. Podcast hosts have found my personal experiences, broad knowledge, multisector competences, travel history and sense of humor very engaging. I am able to have compelling conversations that inform, entertain and educate, bringing fresh and uncommon perspectives to the subjects.

I enjoy reading, walking, public speaking, and mentoring. 

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Profile artwork for Chidi C. Iwuchukwu
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