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Chelsea Lauren

“A microbiologist by day ~ Author by night. Chelsea likes crafting, watching monster movies, and fangirling over her favorite fantasy novels.”


About Me

“Creatures Most Vile” is her debut novel, following Anora who has been chased by monsters her whole life but has found safety in the quiet comforts of her small-town life. but when she is sent to a Guardian assessment designed to unleash rare supernatural abilities, and she blasts a tunnel of water across the room.

Her coach calls her gift a blessing, but Anora knows it’s a death sentence. Now she must train as a Guardian and battle the monsters that have tormented her, her whole life.

After being thrown into the arena with a clawed and cackling creature, Anora refuses to accept this new life. She appeals to the Commander and begs her trainers to let her go home.

The more they refuse, the more Anora realizes this isn’t a training camp—it’s a prison and they will never let her leave. Now she must escape the camp before the Commander catches on, for if he does, he may turn out to be worse than the monsters lurking in the woods.

Profile artwork for Chelsea Lauren
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