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Chef Matthew Gray From Hawaii

“I'm Matthew Gray from Hawaii. I've lived an uncommonly colorful & delicious life. I'd love to be your guest. [email protected]


About Me

Here's my Bio. I apologize in advance for its length, but I've lived an uncommonly colorful and unusual life. (And no, I won't talk over you 😁). Ready? 

Chef, Metabolic Health Specialist, Entrepreneurial Advisor, Interview Consultant, Author, Journalist, Restaurant Critic, Food Tour Creator, Radio Talk-Show Host, Restaurant Owner, Idea Guy, Passion Strategist, Great Friend. 

I traveled with the Eagles on their Hotel California tour straight out of high school. After that, Fleetwood Mac, then Pink Floyd.

I became a Chef, cooking for Hollywood "elite" before starting Chef Matthew's Fine Foods, a line of sexy finger foods for Trader Joes and similar establishments.

My Greeting Card company, Sublime Craftwork, created groovy, colorful and abstract artwork (on exposed film) using a process we designed/discovered by happenstance.

This led to my company called Pamper and Dine, which offered "Massage and Fine Dining" in client's homes. Covered by People Magazine, National Enquirer, & CNN, & New York Times, it was picked up by news outlets all over the world. Side note: I saw everyone in Hollywood naked, which is odd because I was the Chef, not the Masseuse, of "Pamper and Dine." Anyway...

My next endeavor was Talk-Radio, back in the days of what's referred to as "Terrestrial Radio." My many shows were usually about some combination of Food, Sex, Male-Female Dynamics, and Travel.

Internet was barely being whispered by this time (early '90's) as I started the Love Life Radio Network ( and the internationally known Hawaii Chat Universe. We were named "one of the top 1000 websites in the world" by PC Magazine.

Food Journalism came next, having been the Food Writer and Restaurant Critic for Hawaii's largest daily newspaper. The Advertising department hated me, eluding to the fact that my honesty somehow diminished their ability to sell paid ads (LOL) because, hey, my taste buds are educated, and I speak (and write) the truth, perhaps too often for my own good. 

* Come to think of it, others have tried (and failed) to run me over during my life. Hold that thought. Eventually I left this life of being paid to eat for another long time dream...

Hawaii Food Tours was my next adventure, launched in 2004, my "social experiment" to feed, educate and entertain hungry travelers. We were the second food tour company in the United States. Sadly, however, we haven't operated since March 15, 2020.

Which brings us to now...

My personal and business successes have led me to a place where I can help people realize how to attain their goals, and ways to enjoy the pleasure of each day. I wish to pay it forward.

Below are a couple links that'll give you a rough outline as to who I am... what I've done... until now.


Written Words

Eat Something Delicious Today...

Matthew Gray

CFG {Chief Food Guy} * Chef * Author

808.389.TALK {8255}

My Ultimate Eaters Guide© is available now for All Foodies Visiting Hawaii

Profile artwork for Chef Matthew Gray From Hawaii
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