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Charlotte Babb

“Charlotte Henley Babb listens as the fae spin their yarns in her ears and her hair, though it might look like only cobwebs and dust bunnies.”


About Me

Writing healing fiction that makes people laugh while they are changing their lives

Charlotte Babb began writing when she could hold a piece of chalk and scribble her name--although she sometimes mistook "Chocolate" for "Charlotte" on the sign at the drug store ice cream counter.

When her third-grade teacher allowed her access to the fiction room at the school library, Charlotte discovered Louisa Alcott and Robert Heinlein, an odd marriage of the minds. These two authors have had the most influence on her desire to share her point of view with the world and to explore how the world might be made better.

In the meantime, Charlotte has fallen prey to steampunk and the gears are turning...corset, and bustle and magic, oh my!

She brings to any project a number of experiences, including work as a technical writer, gasket inspector, cloth store associate, girl Friday, and telephone psychic.

She has studied the folk stories of many cultures and wonders what happened to ours.

Where the stories are of people over 20 who have survived marriage, divorce, child-rearing, education, bankruptcy, and widowhood?

Charlotte loves Fractured Fairy Tales and writes them for your enjoyment.

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Profile artwork for Charlotte Babb
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