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Chantal Landreville

“Author, Certified Love & Relationship Coach and Human connector. Extremely animated. Here to help us grow better, together.”


About Me

I am an author, and Certified Love & Relationship Coach, with more than two decades of experience in personal growth and human connection.

After my own challenging 15 year journey to love, I realized that the world needed a new perspective on love and relationships which prompted me to write my transformative book. I recognized a void in our education system and how we fail to teach young people about healthy, balanced relationships.

If such things as communication skills, emotional intelligence, self-confidence/ worth were taught from a young age, we would show up very differently in all of our relationships.

I am here to "disrupt", and change our perspective about what we have been taught about love so far, which is very "disneyfied, Rom-Comed". We are in Love with the idea of being in Love. That kind of Love is not enough to sustain long term relationships.

I am also the Founder of "Let's Wine About Love" which are a series of events to help people learn about elevating the quality of their dating journey and relationships all while mingling, networking.

The need is the same for all; The desire to love someone and, the desire to be loved. This emotion is universal.

We all deserve to be and experience healthier loving relationships!

p.s. French & English Speaking

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Profile artwork for Chantal Landreville
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