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Cedric Sydnor

“Writer "Diverse Perspective in End Times: 'Thy Kingdom Come Author Explores Minority Experiences Post-Rapture, Infusing Hope and Resilience"”


About Me

Writer of a unique novel series which answer questions many other books have not answered. What happens to babies during the rapture? What happens to pets? Just to name a few. What role, if any does the catholic church, and new faith movement play? This book uses the Scripture, Jewish History, and even Dead Sea scrolls to tell the narrative of the tribulation period and Judgement.

Cedric Sydnor, (C. Arthur Sydnor) Devoted and knowledgeable leader with expertise in history, theology, and business. Founder, leader and moderator of the Iron Sharpens Iron Bible online class since 2016.

- Facilitate insightful discussions and foster a welcoming environment for diverse perspectives.

- Provide leadership and guidance, ensuring a respectful and engaging online learning experience.

- Studied History, Theology, and Business

- In-depth knowledge of historical, theological, and business concepts

Profile artwork for Cedric Sydnor
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