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Catherine Meyer

“Catherine Meyer: Fractional EOS Integrator and Business Strategist Extraordinaire”


About Me

Catherine Meyer, the Founder and COO of Unboxed Advisors, stands as an unparalleled force in strategic business operations. With over 15 years of experience, she has been a driving force behind the generation of millions of dollars in real, take-home money for small business owners through the power of strategic planning & integration and business advisory services.

Fractional EOS Integrator Expertise:

Catherine stands out as a Fractional EOS Integrator, a coveted role often challenging to fill within the EOS implementer landscape. Recognizing the high demand in the market, she strategically leverages her wealth of experience to provide CEO rocket fuel, installing the EOS framework. Catherine excels at walking alongside businesses on their journey to success, ensuring a seamless integration of this powerful entrepreneurial operating system.

Versatile Business Professional:

Catherine is an Outsourced COO and integrated Business Advisor, with a key focus on being a Practice Management Specialist. Specializing in strategic planning and practice management, her proficiency in accounting, data storytelling, business operations, vision integration, and HR positions her as a seasoned expert fully versed in the business side of CPA and law firms.

Competitive Passion and Coaching Excellence:

As a former college athlete, Catherine infuses her competitive passion for developing and coaching winning teams into every project. Her role as an EOS Integrator is complemented by her speaking engagements, including presentations at the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) on business operations and profitability for estate planning and elder law firms.

Strategic Visionary and Excel Wizard:

Catherine's unique ability to take the dreams of business owners, implement them, and drive strategic plans, coupled with her Excel wizardry, sets her apart. Her dedication enables clients to mitigate risk, tap into hidden profit centers, lower taxes, reduce stress, and maximize opportunities.

Professional Service Aficionado:

A professional service aficionado, Catherine cultivates enduring relationships with small business owners, providing them with the robust support and motivation needed to attain financial success and foster the growth of their practice.

Explore the Unboxed Advisors YouTube channel (@unboxedadvisors) to witness Catherine's charisma, knowledge, and engaging personality. These videos offer a glimpse into her expertise and a preview of the value she can bring to your podcast or webinar.

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Profile artwork for Catherine Meyer
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