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Casey Donatello

“My 3 erotic memoirs & podcast discuss the mental & emotional complexities of my journey to sexual freedom as a swinger.”


About Me

Hi, I am Casey Donatello - author, ghostwriter, adult content creator and Hotwife. I have been on several podcasts and my episodes always rate very high among listeners. I tend to use a mix of brutal honesty and humor when sharing my real-life experiences and believe it is important to show both the positive and negative sides of every story. My ability to discuss a various array of topics stems from the fact that during my seventeen years as a swinger, I have been a single female (unicorn) in the lifestyle as well as a couple (Hotwife/Vixen). Too often, alternative relationships receive negative attention so I would like to prove that there is nothing to be ashamed of. I enjoy discussing the mental and emotional effects of sexuality in addition to the steamy physical parts. Struggling with shame and guilt was always a huge obstacle in my life but I was able to overcome it and find true happiness. My writing and interviews were originally meant to encourage women to be sexually empowered and unapologetic about their desires, however, I have been surprised by the positive responses from men and couples that find pieces of my journey relatable. With the support of my husband, I recently launched an Only Fans page to bring my books to life. I would love to talk about ANY topic that interests you.

I have been on dozens of shows including: Strictly Anonymous Confessions, How to Ruin Your Own Reputation, Oh F*ck Yeah, Consenting Adult, Embrace, Keys & Anklets, The Curious Girl DIaries, Sex Stories, Normalizing NonMonogamy, Dr. D's Social Network and more!

I am also the host of the In Bed with Strangers Podcast!

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Profile artwork for Casey Donatello
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