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Cary Prejean

“I'm articulate, well spoken and have experience as a radio host and guest. My area of expertise is business consulting.”


About Me

I have over 30 years as a business/CFO consultant to small and medium sized businesses. I am a CPA and a certified Ontological Coach. I have a unique philosophy of helping businesses become systems driven vs. people dependent. The results of this transformation are businesses that operate effectively and efficiently and overall morale and employee motivation are significantly improved. My clients get the fundamentals of financial dashboards, timely financial statements and internal controls at the outset. We then move on to building and documenting systems for all parts of the business and reinventing where needed to properly integrate the processes producing effective/desired results. And most importantly, the owner/management begins the ongoing process of strategic planning to design the business into the future.

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Profile artwork for Cary Prejean
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